Our little studio when it first opened at the beginning of 2016!



The Lacemakers Sweatshop is the baby of renowned tattoo artist, Delphine Noiztoy. Together with residents  Mimi (Mimissikuite), Jade Chanel, plus a whole host of amazing guests from around the globe, they offer exquisite tattoos and a tailored service for each customer. They cover a wide breadth of styles and techniques to the highest bespoke quality from the new studio based in East London.

Taking a step away from today's reality of street shops and fast tattooing, The Lacemakers Sweatshop aims to direct their efforts towards a more long term vision of working with each customer. Tucked down a quiet alleyway in Hackney Wick, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we take one customer per artist per day. This allows for the time spent with each person to walk through our door to remain precious, tailored and adapted to them. We aim to slow things down in order to adjust to each customer: their wants, their needs and their feelings.

Our residents pride themselves on their collaborative pieces and bodysuits, which are what really reflect our family-like approach to working. We have designed the studio to be one open space allowing for collaboration and interaction, and filled it with hand picked and designed furniture and ornaments.

Here, we're less about the tattoo itself. We're more about the person, and their journey to reclaim their bodies and feel beautiful.

Delphine: Dot Realism, Art Nouveau, Lace, Heavy Brushwork and Blackwork

Mimi: Realism, Art Nouveau, Etching and Engraving.

Jade: Fine Line, Dotwork, Black and Grey

Aurora: Fine Line, Dotwork, Black and Grey

Plus guest artists throughout the year, including Carl Grace, Jubs Contraseptik, Gordo Letters and Veronique Imbo.



Our little studio further down the line in the summer of 2016!

Our little studio further down the line in the summer of 2016!

To adopt a ‘Saville Row’ approach to tattooing, championing bespoke tailored pieces for each person,

and to move away from the 'pret-a-porter' ideals of Flash. 


To maintain the pursuit of quality over quantity at the centre of our work and ethics. 


To uphold family values over those of business in everything we do. 


To take pride in our personal, long-term relationships with each individual that walks through our door,

respecting the moments we share with each of them in equal amount to their trusting in us. 


To remember and revere that the energy of our sessions with each person is imprinted in their tattoo forever. 


For more information on how to book in, please email Adam at: