A motley crue of weirdos, running a shop for weirdos.

After various stints solo or in different studios, Delphine decided that working together with the right people is better than doing it alone. And, of course, a whole lot more fun. Surrounded by such incredibly talented people in her life, it just made absolute sense to invite them into her mind and build a world with them. So along came Mimi and Laurent- two of the sweetest, funniest and skilled guys in the industry today. If her crazy back piece isn't proof enough, then we don't know what is. As a collective we were all in need of a quiet, cosy, creative space where we could do what we do best, with the best people. As with everything that we do, the shop was born from collaboration- and thus, our little, weird-ass family was born. From squabbles about the windows being open, to the entire group singing renditions of 'Willy Bum Bum'- we make sure that in everything we do family comes before business.



A Mercurial Creative. This would probably be the best way to describe this versatile character shaped by wild experiences.

From tattooing in squats and raver’s trucks to the most prestigious International Conventions, Delphine has done nothing other than work her ass off to make her mark on the world. Not to forget working alongside and with Xed LeHead at Divine Canvas, Tattoo Mania (MTL/Canada), Norm Will Rise (L.A/USA), Roxx at 2Spirit (SF/USA), just to note a few.

For the past decade she has been exploring various styles and techniques, always willing to experiment and blend elements nobody else would think of.

From embroidering fine lacework, to splattering heavy brush work, her palette is forever in shades of black. But her interests are everywhere, curvy and organic Art Nouveau, soft black and grey realism to fiddly dot work realism also play a huge part in her world.

Here, in 2016, she finds herself raising her first child- the unruly (but endearing as hell), tattoo studio called The Lacemakers Sweatshop. An extension of the discotheque of thoughts in her brain, she's finally putting her message of love, practise and beauty into a physical space. 

Although all of this would have never happened if she had never crossed the path of an enigmatic tattooist named Laurent Maina in 2006.


In her spare time?

You can find her frolicking in the outskirts of London with her ginormous horse Duke; dancing to Tool (or Justin Bieber :/ ) with her dogs Akki and Bulma drinking Frozen Margaritas; or writing positive messages of body empowerment on her saucy Insta, @_razoreater_.


Rest in Peace- Bones

Stinkfist- Tool

Razoreater- Amenra


Forest Gump


Les Fleurs du Mal- Baudelaire


Tattoo- Jeff Gogue

Art- Theodore Gericault

FAV FOOD: (important):




There is no right term to perfectly define this softly spoken wanderer.

His style has been shaped throughout his numerous nomadic experiences over the past two decades. After years around Asia and the East, his tattooing has refined into subtle and detailed Thai ornaments, bold and powerful Japanese, spiritual and shapely Tibetan imagery and calligraphy. He eventually put travelling on hold to explore a more psychedelic journey working alongside Xed LeHead and the Divine Canvas team, exploring the endless possibilities of Geometry and Blackwork. 

It was there when destiny took hold and he rekindled with an older version of that seventeen year old girl he had met in a dodgy South of France shop in 2006.

2016 finds this sarcastic Abba fan working half the time in our little shop, and the other half doing what he does best: chilling in the sunshine of the South of France. And he certainly deserves it after his overwhelmingly accomplished career of twenty-odd years.


In his spare time?

Nerding out in his room over guitars and documentaries about chem-trails; spending every hour like it's 4:20pm; or cooking the best damn Thai food you'll ever eat. 


Dancing Queen- Abba

Revolve- Melvins

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds- William Shatner




American Pyscho - Bret Easton Ellis 


Tattoo- Rinzing

Art- Francis Bacon

FAV FOOD (important):

Kinder chocolate 


A kaleidoscopic artist, and straight-up weirdo. 

It is with an unsettling nonchalance that Mimi creates his designs and moves his machine. He makes anything and everything look easy, effortless and flawless. 

Landing from his natal island of La Reunion to metropolitan France, he took on apprenticing under the aegis of the renowned Tin-tin in Paris. After a few years, his need to fly with his own wings brought him to London and he found himself disembarking in MxM's (Maxime Buchi) studio: Sang Bleu.

His style is as hard to describe as him: a cunning mix of dainty linework; soft and desaturated colours; Art-Nouveau inspired curves and compositions and, of course, a mind-blowing technicality. 

To sum it up, the most graceful and out-of-this-world work produced at The Lacemakers Sweatshop.

It (almost) makes up for the fact that he will be running late at least 100 percent of the time.

2016 finds this guy pinning his rainbow/unicorn banner proudly above his workspace, (terrifyingly realistic cat-shaped doorstop in tow) endlessly bringing the entire shop close to tears of laughter with pantomimes of Ozzy and James Hetfield.